Early in 2012, a notice in Kendal library caught me by surprise: a simple, A4 sheet advertising the Eddington Astronomical Society of Kendal.  Reading it transported me back to my boyhood interest in astronomy (where on Earth did that go?) and I decided to turn up at the next meeting and find out what the society was about.  It was, of course, great fun and I was hooked straight away.

In the next couple of months or so, I bought a second hand telescope and a few accessories, but soon found that my main interest would be astrophotography.  Digital SLR photography had not existed when I last looked through a telescope more than 30 years ago – and neither had the internet.

Within a year, I had become Treasurer of the EAS, and a regular presenter of materials to the monthly meetings.  Always keen to pursue my interest on a minimal budget, this website records my adventures in developing the skills and the knowledge needed to capture the offerings of the night sky – in Cumbria.

Although I have now surrendered the role of Treasurer, I continue to give talks at the monthly meetings and also organise observing evenings for members. In addition, I have become a regular volunteer helper/presenter at the Kielder Observatory.

This site will feature notes and, if the urge gets to me, the back story to my astrophotography adventures, but the main purpose is to share the results together with information about the equipment, techniques and settings used to obtain them.  That way, I hope you will be inspired to have a go and share your own experiences.

Please feel free to comment, discuss, criticise or congratulate, whichever you please!