PANSTARRS time-lapse video

The frames for this video were taken at Eddington Astronomical Society’s “Comet Watch” public event on Wednesday, 13th March 2013.  A clear but cold evening found us at Kendal Castle with a crowd of up to a hundred members of the public, who joined us in looking through telescopes, binoculars and cameras to enjoy the spectacle.

All JPEG frames 200mm f/8, ISO 400, 2 sec.

Comet PANSTARRS sets on the western horizon from Kendal Castle.

I’m not terribly happy with this one.  It would be easy to blame the distractions of the crowd, people wanting to have a look, ask questions, offer opinions, but I welcome all of those interactions so they can’t be to blame.

I should have realised how much the sky would darken as the comet aproached the horizon in the fading twilight, so a brighter exposure – anticipating the final conditions – would have been better.  That comes down to lack of experience, so lessons learned and I’ll have another go as soon as the sky is clear again.

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