M31 Andromeda @ 300mm

Chuffed to bits with the eight-frame stack of M31 at 200mm, I couldn’t resist a quick grab at 300mm when the new lens arrived.  Fixed focal length Nikon 300mm f/4.5, manual, donkey’s years old, bought second hand on ebay, it has that most precious of attributes – a focus ring that stops at infinity.  That means you can focus on the night sky without needing to see what you are photographing.  Priceless.

M31 300mm

300mm f/4.5, ISO 3200, 180 sec.
Single frame of 3 minutes at 300mm.

This was at the end of a session experimenting with drift alignment alignment and imaging M42, I quickly turned the camera to M31 and took a single 3-minute frame as I was tidying up.

This lens is brilliant.  There is almost as much detail in this frame as in the stack of 8 x 5 minutes taken earlier in the month.  I will do more work on M31 with this lens when I get the opportunity.

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